Call for papers 3rd Prof. Jan Winiecki Scientific Conference:

European University Viadrina, and the Association of Polish Economist (TEP) invite submissions to a scientific conference themed

“Economic Shocks, Resilience and Institutions”.

This is the third conference (the first international), which aims to commemorate Prof. Jan Winiecki and promote the exchange of ideas and research findings on societies’ coping strategies and resilience with respect to economic shocks and transformation processes (in the broadest sense) and the mitigating role of institutions.

Invited are contributions from all fields of economics as well as from interdisciplinary research collaborations between related fields of social science and economic history.

The organizers particularly encourage and welcome contributions from PhD students and postdocs at their early stages of careers.

Important dates:

  1. Paper submission deadline – 31 March 2024
  2. Acceptance notification – 19 April 2024
  3. Registration – 01-30 March 2024
  4. Conference date – 23-24 May 2024


Additional information:

Full papers (in English language, as a PDF) or long-abstract to be sent before March 31, 2024 to: (the name of the pdf file should begin with the author last name). Authors of accepted papers will be informed by April 19, 2024 and registrations will be opened until March 30, 2024.

Possibility of publication:

There is a possibility of publication in the International Journal of Management and Economics ( The papers will be peer reviewed on an expedited basis. Submission and publication fees apply to the IJME journal.


There is no participation fee. Speakers are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. A list of accommodation options in the double city of Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice at different price categories is available on the conference homepage (Venues).

Prof. Dr. Leszek Balcerowicz, SGH, TEP, FOR, Warsaw

„Economic Crises: the Role of the Market versus that of the State”

Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics (WSE) Deputy prime minister and minister of finance in the first non-communist government of Poland after the Second World War (1989 1991); He designed and executed the radical stabilization and transformation of the Polish economy since the fall of communism in Poland. From April 1995 to December 2000 he was the president of the Freedom Union, a free market – oriented party, that formed a coalition government after the parliamentary election in 1997. He was deputy prime minister responsible for economy and minister of finance in 1997-2000. In 2001-2007 he was the governor of the National Bank of Poland. Since 1996 a member of the Washington-based international advisory body, the Group of Thirty. In 1997, he established a think-tank, Civil Development Forum Foundation (FOR), where he remains its chairman. In the years 1992-2000 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of Warsaw based think tank CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research. He is a co-founder of the Association of the Polish Economists established in 1944, where he was a president of the board for one term. Doctor Honoris Causa of 31 Polish and foreign universities; the recipient of prestigious awards and decorations in Poland and abroad, including the highest Poland’s Award Order of
the White Eagle.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Ther, University Vienna

Professor of Central European History at the University of Vienna. Previously he was professor of comparative European history at the EUI in Florence. His book Die neue Ordnung auf dem alten Kontinent. Eine Geschichte des neoliberalen Europa (Suhrkamp) was awarded with the non-fiction bookprize of the Leipzig bookfare in 2015. An English version titled Europe since 1989: A history was published by Princeton University Press. Earlier he published in English The Dark Side of Nation States: Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Europe, New York: Berghahn Press, 2014 (German 2011, Polish 2012, Czech 2017) and Center Stage: Operatic Culture and Nation Building in 19th Century Central Europe, West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2014 (Czech 2008). He has co-edited twelve other books, his articles have been translated into fifteen European languages. His most recent books are a synthesis on the history of refugees in modern Europe: Die Außenseiter. Flucht, Flüchtlinge und Integration im modernen Europa, Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2017 and Das andere Ende der Geschichte: Über die Große Transformation, Berlin: Suhrkamp 2019. An extended English version The Outsiders: Refugees in Europe since 1492 was published by Princeton UP in the fall of 2019. In 2019 he was awarded the Wittgenstein Prize of the Austrian Research Fund. This award is endowed with 1.5 million Euros and is the highest recognition for scientists in Austria.


  • Chair: Prof. Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast, European University Viadrina
  • Dr hab. Elżbieta Adamowicz, TEP, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Fabian Bald, European University Viadrina
  • Prof. Ingo Geishecker, PhD European University Viadrina
  • Dr Jarosław Janecki, TEP, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Prof. Tomasz Mickiewicz, Aston University (Birmingham)
  • Prof. Fernando Núñez, PhD, University of Seville
  • Prof. Witold Orłowski, Vistula University
  • Dr hab. Robert Pater, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów
  • Prof. dr hab. Jacek Prokop, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann, European University Viadrina
  • Dr Anna Steinkamp, European University Viadrina
  • Dr hab. Anita Szymańska, University of Gdańsk
  • Prof. Stefan Voigt, Universität Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Weinhardt, European University Viadrina
  • Prof., Dr hab. Alina Yakymchuk, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University
  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast, European University Viadrina
  • Dr Jarosław Janecki, SGH, TEP
  • Dr Anna Steinkamp, European University Viadrina
  • Dr Grzegorz Szczodrowski, University of Gdańsk 
  • Dr Ulyana Zaremba, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów 

About the conference:

Professor Jan Winiecki (died in 2016) was a highly respected economist in Poland and abroad, known for his rich academic output and views in the spirit of classical liberalism. He was also a valued academic teacher, highly regarded by his students. Professor Winiecki played a prominent role in the political and economic scene during the period of systemic transformation in Poland. Additionally, he was a talented economic publicist and a dedicated social activist. He co-founded TEP – the Society of Polish Economists and the Adam Smith Centre.

To commemorate and promote Professor Winiecki’s thoughts and achievements, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, the Association of Polish Economists, and the University of Gdańsk, institutions closely associated with this remarkable economist, initiated an annual All-Polish Academic Conference named after him. The inaugural edition of the conference took place on November 26-27, 2020, in Sopot/Warsaw.”

Biography Prof. Jan Winiecki:


Professor Jan Winiecki’s biography is available for download here:

Here, you will find a list of publications by Professor Jan Winiecki:



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